July 10, 2017


INTENSEFLEX Workouts and Results

This is not health or medical advice and is not a replacement of advice or treatment by a health professional or physician.

Our INTENSEFLEX workouts are designed to be challenging and effective.

Some members may experience up to 800 calories burned during, and as a result of, our INTENSEFLEX 45 minute workouts.

These results are not guaranteed, nor are they typical. Some members may not attain desired results.

We do our absolute best to provide these types of results to all our members, however, factors such as weight, cardiovascular endurance, strength, effort, and injury factors, as well as many other known and unknown factors, may lead to variations in calories burned and results for each member.

Results are based on effort exerted from each member, and may be a completely individual process. Changes in weight, strength, endurance and body composition are highly related to individual nutrition. FLEXFIT STUDIOS is not liable for any member not achieving goals related to any of these body metrics.

Any nutritional advice given by any employee at FLEXFIT STUDIOS is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or nutritionist, and no claim shall be made for or against the effectiveness of any nutrition plan or advice given by FLEXFIT STUDIOS employees.


Membership Payment and Cancellation

Monthly billing requires an active debit or credit card on file and will be billed each month for the amount due. Yearly billing does not require an active debit or credit card on file and will not be automatically billed upon renewal.

Zero sign up fees for all monthly or yearly memberships includes ALL memberships at FLEXFIT STUDIOS. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at anytime before billing to ensure no further billing will occur. After cancellation, member will have until the next billing cycle to continue use of FLEXFIT STUDIOS' facilities and classes and will not be billed further. Membership will cease upon date of recurring billing.


Free First Session (Class)

Any non-member may claim one free first session at any FLEXFIT STUDIOS location. This session may be used for any available class including INTENSEFLEX workouts, yoga, or any specialty class. Paid workshops, Infrared Sauna, and any other classes or sessions designated as "specialty" is not included and free passes may not be used for attendance at such sessions or classes.

FLEXFIT STUDIOS employees have the right to refuse any non-member from attending any class or session as outlined above.


Discrimination (Don't Do It)

FLEXFIT STUDIOS and our employees will not, under any circumstances, discriminate based on any factor including race, gender, sex, political affiliation, group affiliation, body art (including but not limited to tattoos and piercings that do not display hateful speech), disability, or any other factor that makes one person different than another.

We believe in equality and openness. However, we will not tolerate the verbal or physical expression of any view that purposefully harms any group.

We believe in freedom of speech, however as a business which caters to people of all walks of life, we will not tolerate the intentional harm of any member for any reason.

Open discussion among members is welcome, but intimidation, discrimination, and intentional mental or physical harm, is not.

FLEXFIT STUDIOS reserves the right to refuse service to any person who our employees feel can not safely participate in class and who our employees feel may be a danger to themselves or others for any reason.


Medical Clearance and Liability Waiver for Training at FLEXFIT STUDIOS

INTENSEFLEX workouts are designed to be challenging and require a certain amount of physical dexterity to perform.

By signing up for any membership and entering the premises at FLEXFIT STUDIOS, all members understand that it is their individual responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding participating in any classes offered by FLEXFIT STUDIOS and their employees, and it is also their responsibility to receive approval prior to participating in any classes offered by FLEXFIT STUDIOS.

By participating in classes at FLEXFIT STUDIOS, all members represent and warrant that they are physically fit and have no medical condition or injury which would prevent their participation in classes offered at FLEXFIT STUDIOS.

Further, by participating in classes offered by FLEXFIT STUDIOS, members, all members knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly waive any claim that they may have or acquire against FLEXFIT STUDIOS for any injury, condition, or damages that they may sustain as a result of entering the premises, or participating in any classes therein.